Daphné Skandalis

Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen. My research is in labor economics and applied econometrics. You can view my CV here.

Mail: dskandalis[at]gmail[dot]com

Twitter: @DaphneSkandalis

Affiliation: CEPR, IZA


Notes: Mothers adjust the timing of their job search activities to children's schedule  (see Motherhood and the Cost of Job Search, with Arnaud Philippe)


Unemployment Insurance and Job Search Behavior with Ioana Marinescu, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, May 2021.

The Impact of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation on Job Search and Vacancy Creation, with Ioana Marinescu and Daniel Zhao, The Journal of Public Economics, August 2021. NBER Working paper

How Economic Crises Affect Inflation Beliefs: Evidence from the Covid-19 Pandemic, with Olivier Armantier, Gizem Koşar, Rachel Pomerantz, Kyle Smith, Giorgio Topa, and Wilbert van der Klaauw, The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, September 2021. New York Fed Working Paper

Unemployment Insurance and New Forms of Work, with Laura Khoury, chapter forthcoming in the Handbook of Labour Markets in Transition, Edward Elgar

Working papers:

Racial Inequality in the U.S. Unemployment Insurance System, with Ioana Marinescu, and Maxim Massenkoff, May 2023. NBER Working paper

Presentations: CREST-IZA Workshop, European Labor Symposium for Early Career Economists (ELSE), Zurich-Lausanne Workshop, Berkeley-Princeton Symposium, CEPR-Bank of Italy Workshop, NBER Summer Institute, Seminars of SOFI, IIES, Cornell, Bank of Canada, UBC, Boston College, Harris, LMU. Media: Equitable growth

Motherhood and the Cost of Job Search, with Arnaud Philippe, April 2024. CEPR working paper, IZA working paper

Presentations: SOLE meeting, the European Labor Symposium for Early Career Economists (ELSE), Munich Workshop in honor of Claudia Goldin, the IZA 25th year anniversary conference, the LSE Child Penalty Workshop, the EALE conference, Seminars of Tilburg, Potsdam.

Work in progress:

The Impact of Unemployment Insurance Benefits: Evidence from Mistakes in Benefits Determinations, with Maxim Massenkoff  

Young workers' misperceptions and sorting in the labor market, with Asker Nygaard Christensen, Nikolaj Harmon, Sonja Settele 

Financial Frictions and the Cost of Job Displacement, with Kristoffer Hvidberg and Niels Johannesen

Breaking News: The Role of Information in Job Search and Matching

Peer Effects of Job Search Assistance Group Treatments : Evidence of a Randomized Field Experiment among Disadvantaged Youths, with Sylvie Blasco, Bruno Crépon, Arne Uhlendorff, Gerard van den Berg